Thin Coat SystemCrack-resistant render for long-lasting beauty

We are thin coat render application specialists, offering you modern, lightweight systems to improve the appearance and performance of your property. With a greater degree of flexibility, the systems we use are designed to prevent cracking and keep your property looking its best. Thin coat systems are applied with a basecoat and a topcoat for a long-lasting finish that is perfect for both older properties and newbuilds.

You might choose a thin coat render system if you’re looking for:

  • A greater degree of flexibility, allowing for movement without causing the render to crack
  • A lightweight, breathable system that can be used with external wall insulation systems
  • A system that can be used internally and externally, forming a base for your chosen finish

The benefits of our thin coat render systems

These are some of the key benefits you can enjoy from thin coat systems:

  • A vast range of colours – select the look you like
  • Impact resistant and water repellent for building protection
  • Excellent adhesion, giving you a low-maintenance finish
  • Flexibility and breathability, unlike traditional renders
  • Resistant to algae and mould for long-lasting results
  • Rapid, convenient application process – less disruption to you
  • Will last for many years and offer weatherproofing and frost resistance
  • Variously priced topcoats to suit a range of budgets

Not sure which render system will be right for your property? We can offer you all the advice you need. We are the render experts in Kent and can provide a range of services inside and out, from spray rendering, to plastering, to render maintenance . Call 020 3633 1074, email or fill in our form to find out more.

Approved applicators for leading render brands

We are approved applicators for two of the leading names in thin coat render systems: Baumit and K Rend.

We can apply:

  • Baumit Unirend Systems – flexible lime-cement render
  • K Rend Silicone Thin Coat Systems – silicone-based organic resin render

What this means for you:

  • Baumit Unirend Systems – flexible lime-cement render
  • K Rend Silicone Thin Coat Systems – silicone-based organic resin render
  • Proven quality from the biggest names in render
  • Vast colour ranges giving you plenty of choice
  • Different render systems to suit different properties

The thin coat systems we have chosen are designed to offer long-lasting quality, protecting your property and keeping it looking its best for many years into the future.

Thin coat render application process

Our application process is simple and streamlined, designed to cause the least amount of disruption to you. This is the general process that we will take you through when applying your render:

  • We prime the existing substrate to ensure adhesion and regulate absorption
  • Beads are set to corners, windows and anywhere else required
  • Windows, windowsills and surrounding areas are masked and protected
  • A 6mm Baumit basecoat is applied and is fully meshed throughout installation
  • The new render is primed and a topcoat is applied in the colour of your choice

We can apply various basecoats and topcoats depending on your budget and what you would like to achieve for your property.

Basecoat options:

  • Lime cement render – suitable for most substrates.
  • Multi-purpose contact mortar for substrates such as render boards and stable painted surfaces. Additional fibres in the render give strength and reduce the risk of cracking.
  • StarContact White – this is an adhesive generally used for external wall insulation. It can also be applied over existing pebbledash.

You can choose a topcoat in acrylic, silicone and silicone self-cleaning materials – prices go from low to high, so there are options for different budgets.

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