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We are the spray rendering experts in your local area. We can help you transform your property using leading mineral spray render products and the latest, most efficient application methods.

Spray rendering is the modern way to enhance and update your home. Application is faster, and the finish is better due to the materials we use. The render is through coloured meaning there is no need for painting.

Key benefits:

  • Numerous colours
  • Paint-free finish
  • Easy maintenance
  • High quality, neat, even finish
  • Quick application
  • Long lasting coating
  • Improved property appearance and performance

Approved installers for the leading spray render brands

We are approved installers of systems from the leading industry brands:

  • Parex
  • K Rend
  • Sto
  • EWI Pro
  • Parex

Your render will be covered by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Professional spray rendering contractors

We use monocouche (one-coat) systems, which are also known as mineral or scratch render. We choose these over sand and cement render because they’re modern and flexible. Benefits include:

  • Breathability – allows vapour to pass and ensures a better internal environment
  • Flexibility – no cracking
  • Through colour – no painting

Here is the process we follow to ensure quality render application:

  • Full property survey. We start with a consultation, listening to your ideas and requirements before telling you about your options and the different colours you can select.
  • Full, itemised quote. We send over a full quote for the work discussed. If you choose to go ahead, you can accept the quotation online for your complete convenience.
  • The project is scheduled in. Our team will find a suitable time to schedule in the work – we will be happy to accommodate your requirements.
  • We arrive on site and begin preparation. This includes fully masking and protecting the existing surroundings to ensure they stay clean and undamaged.
  • Old render will be removed if needed. Then the substrate will be primed and the existing walls beaded to create a frame for the new render.
  • The render is applied to a depth of 16-17mm. It is then left to cure for a number of days (the exact time depends on the weather conditions and depth of render).
  • If you require, we can apply a layer of hydrofuge for protection. This repels pollution and staining, meaning your render requires less cleaning and is easier to maintain.

Considering internal improvements for your property? We also offer plastering and damp-proofing services.

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Spray rendering FAQs

It can be hard to find all the information you need about spray rendering. Here are some FAQs to help answer your questions – for anything else, please get in touch.


What is spray rendering?

Spray rendering is the modern way of applying render to a property using a render pump. Makes use of factory-prepared materials that are flexible, breathable and through coloured, so there’s no need for painting.

Materials are factory prepared, so all the render is mixed to the same specification, unlike sand and cement. The render is applied wet on wet which prevents delamination, and enables a mesh to be embedded within the render. This makes the render more crack resistant than traditional materials.

What is monocouche rendering?

Monocouche rendering is the term used for mineral render or scratch render. It comes from the French for ‘one coat’, describing the single application method needed for this type of render. The colour is always within the render, hence its other name – through colour render.

Does the weather affect spray render application?

Like with all external works, weather conditions can affect how and when we are able to work. In adverse conditions, we will not be able to render. We can sometimes render in the winter by using render accelerants that make it dry more quickly – this will be considered on an individual basis.

How long will spray rendering last?

Spray render is more durable and flexible than traditional materials. Our render comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on the materials together with our own 12-month workmanship guarantee.

How is spray rendering different to traditional rendering?

Spray rendering is faster on larger panels and achieves a better finish than traditional methods of application. When using high polymer renders, the flexible top coat mitigates the risk of cracking. Maintenance is easy and the render can be washed down with a hose and cleaned with a soft brush.

Is spray rendering right for me?

Spray rendering can be ideal for a wide range of properties. If you are considering rendering to improve the appearance of your building, make it more valuable or reduce the need for maintenance, you should definitely consider spray rendering. It will be quicker to apply and will achieve better results than traditional render. Arrange a survey if you would like to know more about the costs and processes involved for your specific property – surveys are completely free.

What finishes are available with spray rendering?

Spray render doesn’t have to be painted, so you can choose your colour and it will be directly applied to your property. See our colour charts to select the right one for you. Once applied and dried, the render has a neat finish and is protected against cracking.

Commercial installations

We also provide services for commercial clients . We partner closely with builders, architects and tradespeople – learn more about commercial spray rendering and the other services we offer. We are Constructionline Silver Members and are PAS 91 approved for commercial projects.

Commercial spray rendering


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