SPRAY RENDER CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Making your property look as good as new

One of the major benefits of spray rendering is the lack of maintenance required. It won’t need re-painting every few years – a simple clean will leave it looking as good as new. We use a specialist chemical spray formula to clean your render, and it’s all done within a few hours.

Are you having your property spray rendered by us? Our cleaning services are the perfect complement. Your property won’t need a lot of maintenance, so as and when it needs a clean, just get in touch and we will come out to freshen it up.

How to arrange your clean – it’s so simple

The process of arranging your clean is simple:

  • Arrange your free survey. We will come and view the property to fully establish what is required.
  • We will prepare your quotation. You can accept or decline online for your convenience.
  • The work will be carried out at a time to suit you. Our management team will arrange a date.
  • Your property will be prepared. We will remove drainpipes and external features where necessary.
  • The cleaning solution is applied and left to work.
  • We will tidy up and leave your property just as we found it – but with clean render!

Our service is suitable for all types of properties that have been spray rendered. Let us know if you would like to arrange a free, no obligation quotation for cleaning work on your property. Get in touch and let us carry out a survey to establish the full costs of the work you require.

Making your property as good as new

Our clients are continually surprised by the results we can achieve. With just a day of cleaning, we can get your property looking beautiful once again. Our specialist chemical formula will clean up the outside of your building, restoring it to its original colour and getting rid of any unsightly stains and marks.


Why choose us to clean your render?

  • Our cleaning formula is powerful and versatile, cutting through all types of dirt and residue.
  • Our service is professional and thorough – we achieve amazing results with just one clean.
  • The methods we use are quick and we will be out of your way in no time at all.

What are the benefits of cleaning and maintenance?

It is easier to clean spray render than you might think. And it’s going to help you out in the long run as well – here are some of the reasons why:

  • It will save you money. There is no need to paint your property and the cleaning achieves brilliant results.
  • The process is quick and simple. Only one application is required and we won’t need to put up scaffolding.
  • You can increase kerb appeal. A thorough clean is ideal for people who are looking to sell.
  • The results are impressive. Property owners are always surprised by the quality of the results we are able to achieve.
  • You can ensure longer-lasting results with sealing. This is carried out after the clean and will make the results more permanent.

Talk to us about your project and find out how much it will cost upfront, before any work begins. Contact the team today.

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